Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Big Mens Flannel Shirts

Big Mens Flannel Shirts

When it comes to buying large flannel shirts, men conscious of their stomachs tend to make a few typical fashion blunders that actually add girth to the midsection. Bigger men often make the mistake of wearing flannel shirts that are far too large; thinking that the extra fabric will hide a bigger middle. The truth is that bigger is not better in large shirts, and all that extra fabric can actually draw attention to the abdomen. You're better off embracing what you've got and flaunting it in something more fitted (but not tight) than looking like you're trying to hide something with over-sized clothing.

The trick is finding the right size, which allows some breathing room, covers the middle without hanging too low (tip: an un-tucked shirt should never obscure the entire back pocket on a pair of jeans), and is made of a lightweight fabric that does not add unwanted bulk.

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