Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mens Lined Flannel Shirts

Mens Lined Flannel Shirts

Flannel is naturally a warm fabric, but it can offer additional insulation when quilted. Flannel shirts with a thick wool lining are the best option for winter. The shirts are lined with nylon and between the nylon and flannel layers is wool. The wool keeps the wearer warm, but the nylon lining prevents itching. The level of warmth increases with the amount of wool. Thicker lining creates a warmer shirt.

One of the main reasons lined flannel shirts are popular is because they are comfortable. If you are buying a flannel shirt primarily for its comfort factor, choose a shirt that is 100 percent cotton. The inside of the shirt should feel soft against the skin and it should fit properly and allow you to move freely.

Flannel shirts are worn by more than just blue-collar professionals, though. Flannel shirts are ideal for hobbyists who enjoy outdoor recreation, as well as students looking for a warm, comfortable alternative to t-shirts. Flannel shirts pair well with jeans, shorts, sweats and business-casual pants.

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