Thursday, 10 May 2012

Making A Quilt With Men's Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are made from light woolen fabrics, which are much softer compared with any other type of fabrics. They are also made from cotton and synthetic fibers at times apart from the wool. These shirts are quite comfortable to wear and due to its soft feel it provides excellent fitting and that is the reason why people around the globe favor these for casual wear.

People from every continent used to wear flannel shirts. For example on the continent of North America, farmers and lumberjacks used to wear them as they provided warmth and protection from the wind. The same could be said for Australia where wearers of flannel were referred to as 'bogans' and 'westies'; pejorative words to refer to working class labor. Mainly due to its comfort level, these shirts were and still are very popular.

In the recent past, the usage of flannel shirts was very popular among different rock and metal band artists. Main reason behind this is the shirts are somewhat glossy to look at and almost all rock stars prefer these kinds of shirts as they help in highlighting them on stage apart from the comfort factor. In sport, these shirts are also preferred and widely used in the game of cricket and baseball. Also, they are widely used as night wears in many countries.

As these shirts are made from woolen fabrics, it is advisable not to go near fire while wearing one as they are highly inflammable and can catch fire easily. The popularity of the shirts is still high and everyone wants to have these shirts in their closet. There are thousands of stores who offer wide ranges of these shirts for people of all ages. They come in many shapes and attractive designs with the prices of for them being quite affordable.

There are different types of flannel shirts meant for different purposes, be it for mountaineering or just to make a style statement. Brands I recommend for outdoor wear are; Carharrt, Moose Creek, Pendleton, Wrangler, and Woolrich. Brands I recommend for indoor-style wear are Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, and Saks.

Flannel shirts are also available for women. Long sleeve shirts are widely popular among women besides other types or patterns like gingko, lined, and pastel colors. The prices of women's shirts are in the same range as shirts for men, $25 - $95, with the variation between the lowball and highball dollar amount depending upon the design and quality of fabric. Flannel shirt jackets and nightwear is also very popular. So we can see that flannel shirts are quite popular and preferred by millions of people and it is expected that they will remain in fashion for the years to come.